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Dan‘s work stretches from space to objects – and everything in between – and in various methods, from classic craft work to cutting edge technologies.

He designs furniture pieces, glass sculptures and lights, objects of desire – chic and pure – daily products, conceptual space, urban spaces, gallery objects and limited series.

Recently accredited AD100 accredited Parisian design studio, his work can be described as innovative, simple and yet with a strong identity.

“Definitions are our limits; I would like to consider myself as an explorer and adventurer. The amazing thing about design is that everything is possible – dreams can be translated, abstracted and carried out; raw material gets personality, movement and a new life; The continuous quest toward new shapes, volumes, techniques, hidden places, new inspiration And the inevitable insisting on perfection are who I am, my DNA. These are the reasons for my deep love to design, the ability to keep on a journey of an endless quest.”

PENDULUM: A collection with Dan Yeffet

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