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HEPWORTH wall light stands as a luminous testament to the artistic prowess of Dame Barbara Hepworth. Drawing inspiration from Dame Barbara’s iconic sculptures, renowned for their curvaceous, abstract representations of the human form, this light fitting embodies a similar aesthetic. Its elongated shape, punctuated by a delicate central line, mirrors the soft contours that made Hepworth’s work so distinct.


SHORT: 100 x 68 x 460 mm (w x d x h)
TALL: 100 x 68 x 710 mm (w x d x h)


Beyond its artistic appeal, HEPWORTH is versatile enough to illuminate any interior space, and its IP44 rating ensures it’s a fitting choice for bathrooms. Crafted from the ethereal combination of alabaster and pure brass, HEPWORTH doesn’t just light up a room—it transforms it. When activated, its soft, diffused light bathes spaces in a warm and inviting glow, encapsulating both the artistry of Dame Barbara and the ingenuity of contemporary design.

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