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The Heron Collection, masterfully designed by Belgian designer Michael Verheyden, embodies a philosophy of minimalistic aesthetics using ‘noble’ materials. Each piece in this collection reflects a quiet luxury that comes from meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality metalwork. Timeless yet distinctly contemporary, the Heron Collection offers a range of lighting fixtures designed to enhance the elegance of any space with their understated opulence.

This collection spans floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lights, all unified by their streamlined profiles and the ability to focus light precisely where it is needed. Whether it’s the soft ambiance for a living room or targeted lighting for a study area, the Heron lights are crafted to adapt flexibly to a variety of settings, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Available in bronze, satin brass, calacatta marble and black marquina marble

The Heron Floor Light, with its sleek satin brass or bronze finish and choice of metal or stone bases, combines luxury with practicality, perfect for enhancing corners or reading areas.

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Available in bronze and satin brass

Ideal for bedside tables or desks, the Heron Table Light provides targeted illumination with a movable shade, crafted in a satin brass or bronze finish for a touch of elegance.

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Available in bronze and satin brass

The Heron Wall Light is designed for versatility, making it an excellent choice for studios, home offices, or as a bedside reading light, featuring a movable shade and sleek metalwork.

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