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Silvered Oxidised Brass Lights: A study in refined texture

Our Silvered Oxidised Brass Lights collection showcases the meticulous craftsmanship of British artisans, blending traditional metalwork with innovative finishing techniques. The dual-tone effect of silvered oxidised brass offers a sophisticated aesthetic, characterised by a nuanced patina that enhances each fixture’s texture and depth. Designed for durability and versatility, these lights serve as functional art pieces that enrich both modern and classic interiors.

Silvered Oxidised Brass Lights

Silvered Oxidised Brass Lights FAqs

  • What defines the silvered oxidised brass finish?

    This finish involves a controlled oxidation process followed by a subtle silvering, creating a unique, textured appearance.

  • How are these lights made?

    Each light is hand-forged by British artisans using age-old techniques that ensure exceptional quality and durability.

  • Can Silvered Oxidised Brass lights be customised?

    Absolutely! We offer bespoke services to tailor our lights to meet your specific design preferences and dimensions.

  • What maintenance is required for silvered oxidised brass fixtures?

    Regular dusting and occasional light polishing are recommended to maintain the finish.

  • How does this material compare in terms of durability?

    Silvered oxidised brass is exceptionally durable.

  • How can I order Silvered Oxidised Brass Lights from your collection?

    Please add any lights that you are interested in to your quote basket on our website and request a quote. The CTO Lighting Sales Team will then be in touch to discuss details and prepare your quote. You can also contact the team by email or call +44 (0) 207 686 8700 who will put you in contact with the Sales Representative for your region.