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Smoked Glass: Atmospheric Lighting

Elevate your interior with the subtle elegance of our Smoked Glass Lights. The smokey tint of the glass lends a soft, atmospheric quality to the light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. This timeless technique results in delicate variations in shape and color, making each fixture not just a source of light but a focal point of aesthetic grace. Ideal for settings that seek to combine classic style with contemporary design, our Smoked Glass Lights fit seamlessly into a variety of decor themes, enhancing spaces with their serene, diffused glow.

Smoked Glass Lights

Smoked Glass Lights FAqs

  • How does the smokey tint affect the lighting?

    The smokey tint in the glass softens the light output, creating a warm, diffused ambiance that is ideal for creating relaxing and inviting spaces.

  • How are Smoked Kiln Glass Lights made?

    Each piece is skillfully handmade by our artisans using a special fritting process. This involves melting glass into specific shapes and textures, creating discs that are each unique in appearance.

  • How can I order Smoked Glass Lights?

    Please add any lights that you are interested in to your quote basket on our website and request a quote. The CTO Lighting Sales Team will then be in touch to discuss details and prepare your quote. You can also contact the team by email or call +44 (0) 207 686 8700 who will put you in contact with the Sales Representative for your region.