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Wavy Kiln Glass: fluid elegance in artisan glass

Each panel of glass in this exquisite collection is a unique piece of art, hand-crafted by skilled artisans. The glass is cast on custom-made moulds, creating natural undulations that mimic the rhythmic motion of water. The rectangular panels are meticulously positioned to capture a wave-like profile, complete with a watery texture that plays with light and shadow. During the crafting process, a wash of crushed glass is added, enhancing each piece with a beautiful, graduated appearance. These lights not only illuminate spaces but also serve as striking visual elements, bringing a sense of movement and organic form to any setting.

Wavy Kiln Glass Lights

Wavy Kiln Glass FAqs

  • What is wavy kiln glass?

    Wavy kiln glass is crafted by casting molten glass into handmade moulds that create distinctive wave-like undulations and textures in each panel.

  • How are Wavy Kiln Glass Lights made?

    Our artisans skillfully cast each panel on a bespoke mould. Rectangular glass pieces are carefully arranged to achieve the desired wave profile, and a layer of crushed glass is added to create a graduated visual effect.

  • What lighting effects do Wavy Kiln Glass Lights produce?

    The textured, undulating surface of the glass diffuses light softly, creating dynamic shadows and highlights that enhance the ambient quality of any room.

  • What maintenance is required for Wavy Kiln Glass Lights?

    Maintenance is straightforward—regular dusting with a soft cloth is sufficient.

  • How can I order Wavy Kiln Glass Lights?

    Orders can be placed through our website, or you can reach out to our customer service for bespoke orders and further assistance.