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Craft & Materiality

 At CTO Lighting, we are passionate and driven by the process of making. Craftsmanship, artisanal skill and using the highest quality materials, have been at the forefront of our designs for the last 25 years. Our manufacturing process is never rushed, always considered and timeless beyond trends.

Craft, which places the artisan at the centre of the product, is growing in popularity and demand. As we put greater value on our homes, and the products that surround us, we are increasingly questioning the processes and materials used in their creation. As a result, we are all wanting more transparency and traceability.

 True luxury is not just about price; it is about having something that you really treasure and take joy in living with. Typically, art is used to personalise our space, but now products crafted with similar skill and authenticity can move us in the same way. The tactile quality of real silk, solid brass, opulent marbles, and alabaster is key in connecting us to the craft and process. Perhaps it is the uniqueness of each piece, instead of the mass-produced, homogeneous products, that we value most. We more readily embrace the imperfect as a quality that is more lifelike and less staged.


Crafted products are often produced in smaller batches, using a local workforce and raw materials. This encourages creativity closer to home, supporting local skills that may disappear completely if not invested in and brought to life. This narrative and provenance are important reasons for investing in craft pieces.

Texture & Tactility

 The world is not flat! The growing trend for texture in our lives has come about as a basic human need to connect to the natural world. Tactile surfaces to satisfy an almost primal need for comfort, security and sensory satisfaction are leading the current interior trends.

From the explosion of ‘bouclé’ fabric to the resurgence of real wood, we are seeing every surface has an inherent textured and tactile quality. Polished plaster, hand satined brass, deep pile carpets, hammered stone, cast bronze and brick textures are popular amongst leading architects and interior designers today.

A layered approach building richness and depth into a scheme may include clay paints or lime wash wall techniques providing the perfect base on which showcase natural materials such as oak, stone and linen furnishings to create an interior that is soft, tactile and warm and speaks to the soul.


Alabaster is a material that has been used for centuries in great Cathedrals and Churches throughout the western world. Its beauty is not only in its unique veining, but in the way it diffuses light to create a welcoming ambient atmosphere. At CTO Lighting, we pair this natural stone with the richness of satin brass or bronze to create visual texture and interest, as well as a warmth. Particularly suited to rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms, where its soft illumination is both flattering and functional.

 The patina, the effect on a surface due to age and exposure, is highly sought after. It represents ‘lived in’, not new, and points to the trend for creating interiors that are touched by the human hand. Products and artefacts that display this quality are part of the new trend for textured surfaces. From hand beaten metals and brushed antique brass, to fabrics that reflect and refract light, provide a richness to the scheme. For a texture-on-texture approach, think De Cotiis for his rich interiors of expertly curated surfaces.


Our Braque Table Light is a perfect example of form and surface texture, where the patina created by our artisans showcases the luxury hand cast lamp base. Perfectly paired with a silk oval shade it is the perfect accessory to accompany an interior rich in textural quality.

Rich & Earthy Hues

 We are seeing a welcome return to colour in interiors for 2023/24.  Finally, the grey palettes of the last decade have been replaced by an array of warm based shades.

The natural world has once again provided us with plentiful inspiration for colour trends for the 2020s. As we crave a connection with the outdoors, we use its earthy palette to surround ourselves indoors.

Green hues, from pale to dark, are the perfect foundation for an interior palette. For a fresh and interesting aesthetic, try paring with satin or polished brass finishes; these metallic tones are on the opposite side of the colour wheel so effortlessly create an interesting contrast. Our IP44 rated wall lights, such as MezzoAnvers and Artés, are all available in a satin brass finish, and are regularly used to great effect in green marble bathroom – whether as a single fixture or as a pair on either side of the vanity.


All things ‘chocolate’ – from pale latte to intense chocolate ganache – browns are being treated as the new neutral. These tones are particularly good for north facing rooms where the natural light is cooler. Even white tints are given a touch of brown to warm the starkest of rooms.

 Bronze finishes are the perfect partner to these rich hues and have become increasingly popular due to their understated sophistication. Our Bronze Nimbus Wall Light, with its hand-sateened finish and fritted glass shade, makes a strong statement in a hallway, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

 1970s inspired brighter colours are also seeing a resurgence. Think David Hockney’s pool series for inspiration, where more optimistic tones are used to brighten a scheme and provide vibrance and energy in an interior. This decade was an exciting time for lighting and the fresh new designs that emerged still surround us today. For example, polished nickel, with its highly reflective surface is the perfect partner to the interiors with brighter palettes. As it reflects the surrounding light it is both retro and contemporary.


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