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Christmas is always an exciting and special time of year. The food is thoughtfully prepared, the décor has been honed with exquisite flair but does the room glow with the warmth and sophistication that matches the rest of the careful planning.

When entertaining, a fundamental aspect to creating the right mood and atmosphere is the lighting. This can effortlessly lift any interior scheme and add a touch of ambience.

Gather Round

Where is the focal point in the room? Are the proportions between the furniture and the pendant light complimentary to each other?

A strong statement pendant such as the Nimbus Round will draw the crowd this Christmas. Scale up the chandelier for maximum impact; this will also connect the seating areas and create a great backdrop for conversation. The handmade fritted glass discs, reminiscent of a celestial painted scene, beautifully refract the light and provide an inviting aura. A refined contemporary showstopper, Nimbus is both soft and elegant and illuminates a room with a gentle, heavenly glow.


Illuminate with Precious Materials

 Assess the room for opportunities to add a touch of luxury. Take the Acropolis Table Light, made from alabaster that has been sculpted to diffuse the light in the most flattering way. The rich veining in the marble, unique to every light, becomes a mesmerising and relaxing centerpiece.


Desk Glamour 

Have you banished all notions of work from view? Can your desk now be adorned with a table lamp that is more ambient than task? Careful placement of the Braque Table Light, with its sculptural cast bronze base and white linen shade, effortlessly creates a characterful focal point. The fabric shade, available in a sleek silk or natural linen, softly diffuses the light to provide a warm, atmospheric ambience. A strong light by day or night.


Quiet Time

Create a calming, quiet zone for guests who prefer a bit of ‘me time’ with an ambient floor, wall, or table light. Such an area requires a level of light that encourages relaxation yet is bright enough to read by if required. The Oscar Floor Light, with its adjustable opal glass shade, illuminates any corner perfectly. Balancing form and function, the solid brass base adds a contemporary edge, while the light source can be dimmed and altered to add another layer of control.



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