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Pendant lights have the capacity to completely transform the mood, function, and overall aesthetic of a room, whether into a relaxed environment or a workspace that requires task and directional light. Playing a decorative and practical role, visually pendants connect the ceiling to the rest of the room- simultaneously it must light the space without blocking the view at eye level. Therefore, equally important is the height at which pendants are hung, affecting the dispersion and overall brightness of the illumination. Below are a few pointers to assist in achieving a harmonious outcome when installing your hanging lights.


In a kitchen, pendant lights are often hung over islands or dining areas. The ideal height for a pendant light above any island is typically around 75-90cm from the countertop. This ensures sufficient task lighting for chopping and food prep without obscuring the view across the kitchen. A layered lighting scheme, including pendants, as well as wall lights, will create more control over the overall illumination and provide a beautifully atmospheric look and feel.


Image credit: Designer @pandorataylor Photographer: @astridtemplier

Dining Room
When it comes to pendant lights in the dining room, the height depends on the ceiling height and the size of the table. As a general rule, the bottom of the pendant should hang 90-100cm above the tabletop. This ensures that the lights provide adequate illumination for dining, while also allowing you to see across the table and chat easily with dinner guests. If you have higher ceilings, consider hanging the lights a bit higher but always make sure they are in proportion with the space.

Make sure your pendants are installed on a separate dimmer circuit, so you can lower the illumination when it’s time to sit back and relax.


Typically, hallways are long narrow spaces that lack a lot of natural light. They therefore require specific lighting solutions to brighten and create the illusion of space. The right pendant, suspended at the beginning of a hallway, is not only functional but will also create a great first impression for anyone visiting your home. As a general guideline, the bottom of the pendant should be around 200-220cm from the floor, allowing enough headroom for people passing underneath. However, you can adjust this height based on your personal preference and the specific lighting design.


Living Room
Pendant lights can be used in living rooms as decorative accents or for general lighting. As a starting point, consider suspending the lights approximately 170-190cm from the floor; this will provide a warm yet well-lit environment and importantly shouldn’t cause any obstruction for people passing underneath. If you intend to position a pendant or chandelier over a coffee table, hang this lower to create more of a focal point and centrepiece. The exact height will vary depending on the height of the ceiling, as well as the shape, size, and height of the coffee table.



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